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Gate Information Displays (GIDs)

These critical displays must be clean and easily read from a distance. And, particularly during the rush of activity at the gate near boarding time, they must be simple for customers to understand. 

Key success metrics for any GIDs project are customer comprehension and decreased agent inquiries in the gate area.


In-flight Entertainment (IFE)

Our In-flight entertainment devices remain a key product focus for the airline now and into the foreseeable future. But the existing user interface was quite outdated.

We undertook a redesign in late 2013 to coincide with some hardware upgrades. Our objectives for this redesign were to modernize the interface and explore small improvements that would provide differentiation within the industry. At the same time, the fragmentation of hardware capabilities across the fleet was a huge constraint for the design.

While our production rollout of the new interface is still underway, initial user tests went well and feedback has been positive overall.


Onboard Wi-Fi Portal

With the launch in August, 2014 of Delta Studio, a new streaming entertainment product onboard, we wanted to create an improved experience for our customers. The existing Wi-Fi portal was a transactional page, designed and hosted by our In-flight Wi-Fi provider. We knew we could improve the experience of purchasing a Wi-Fi session while adding valuable content (and potentially ad revenue) and guiding new users through the setup and use of the new Delta Studio streaming product.

The clean, modern interface is built for desktop/tablet and optimized for mobile users and has gotten positive user feedback post-launch. Both Delta Studio usage and Wi-Fi take rates have increased since its launch.